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Sony Quietly Fixes PlayStation Plus Upgrade Pricing Following Backlash

Sony Quietly Fixes PlayStation Plus Upgrade Pricing Following Backlash

Those who had previously brought a discounted membership reported being charged a higher upgrade fee.

We’re just a few short weeks away from the launch of the overhauled PlayStation Plus service, and there is a lot to be excited about. With a collective library of over 700 games between the three price tiers, there’s certain to be something for everyone. With new games added every month, this may seem like a sweet deal but some players recently received a rude awakening.

The updated PS Plus service launched in Asia this week. Pre-existing PS Plus subscribers were automatically enrolled onto the Essential tier, with the option to upgrade to Extra or Premium for a fee. Asian users soon reported though that if they’d originally purchased their PS Plus membership with a discount, they were forced to pay a higher upgrade fee. That’s not fun.

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Thankfully, Sony seems to have taken note of the backlash. Originally, players with discounted memberships were being asked to pay the standard upgrade fee in addition to paying the difference leftover by their discounted purchase. The policy now appears to be backtracking though as users are reporting that this is no longer the case.

Reddit user mrculi wrote: “Not sure if it’s a bug or not, I subscribed to annual plan last December with a 50% discount. I checked the pricings for the deluxe two days ago. It was around $31 but just 10 minutes ago, I rechecked again and it was down to $20, roughly 33% off original price.”

In addition to expressing their relief, fellow Reddit users shared similar experiences. Yclee357 said, “Can confirm. An Asia forum has multiple users reporting that their price has gone down. My price also went down, looks like Sony has fixed the pricing.” User jamesdoherty99 wrote, “Can confirm this happened to me too. Reduced from 51 to 29.”

That is certainly good news. The new PlayStation Plus service launches on 13 June in America, and 23 June in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Featured Image Credit: Meme, Sony

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