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Skyrim's giants are modelled after the creator's dad

Skyrim's giants are modelled after the creator's dad

The developer who crafted Skyrim's giants based them on his dad.

If you’re a Skyrim aficionado, you may already know this lovely little fact. However, there might be some of you out there who are totally unaware so allow me to enlighten you. Skyrim’s giants are modelled after one developer’s dad.

Skyrim is undeniably one of Bethesda’s greatest ever successes, if not their pinnacle of success thus far. I have faith that with some post-launch support Starfield will soon undergo a redemption arc. Personally, I adore the game but it’s clear that many players were left underwhelmed. With time and the addition of new features, that could change but what I’m getting at is that despite Starfield being an incredible feat, it hasn’t quite received the warm reception Skyrim continues to to this day. Players are still modding the game and embarking on new playthroughs. It’s easy to see why. I still feel like I discover something ‘new’ with each playthrough, so with that in mind, I thought you might be intrigued to know how Skyrim’s giants were crafted.

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This isn’t a new tidbit by any means, but it’s a fun discovery if it’s not something you’ve been told already. Developer Jonah Lobe previously took to Twitter to write, “I created the Skyrim Giant to look like my dad - no, I'm not joking - which means that my dad has been killed millions of times all over the world. RT if you've killed my dad.” It’s touching that Jonah used his dad as inspiration, even if the last part of the tweet adds a touch of the macabre.

In related news, Skyrim recently received a surprise update adding tons of new features. Seriously, I’m not having you on - no one saw it coming. There’s a new Creations hub, Steam Deck support, ultrawide monitor support, plus several different crashes and bugs have been patched.

Elsewhere, one Skyrim player recently killed every NPC in the game - totalling just over 5,000 - in a bid to see what would happen. This franchise really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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