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Skyrim player kills every NPC in the game, over 5,000, just to see what happens

Skyrim player kills every NPC in the game, over 5,000, just to see what happens

A bloodlust has awaken that can't be sated

Sometimes gamers just want to watch the world burn. We can’t say we agree with such mindless actions, but they certainly make for interesting content – like the Skyrim player who killed every NPC in the game.

To put that into perspective for you, that’s over 5,000 NPCs slaughtered for no other reason than this curious gamer could. It’s brutal. It’s cold. It’s weirdly entertaining. Creatures great and small fell victim to the unyielding might of this fierce warrior, with them proudly stating that they “killed everything that was killable”.

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Naturally, such a big reveal garnered a mixed response, with players both in awe and also terrified of what this player is capable of. “Congratulations! You are the true world-eater!!” said one fan, while another joked that the only person left to kill was the main protagonist themself.

It’s an impressive stats overview, but are we alone in wondering how so many bodies were left on the ground without a single arrest or warrant? Well, wonder no more. According to the OP, you can’t be arrested if “they’re dead”, referring to the guards who also met their end when crossing paths with this bloodthirsty Dragonborn.

This isn’t the first time a Skyrim player has dreamt only of blood and destruction and put those dreams into action. Back in 2020, another Redditor posted that they’d killed over 2,400 “various creatures” throughout the game, which included all human NPCs. It seems some gamers have a bloodlust that would rival Baldur’s Gate 3’s Astarion!

With The Elder Scrolls title still giving gamers such (bloody) joy all these years later, is it any wonder that Skyrim has more active players than Bethesda’s Starfield? Not that we’re knocking Starfield – it has plenty of merits – however, it’s not on the same level as Skyrim.

We just wonder if anyone will still be left alive the next time we decide to start a new playthrough…

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, r/skyrim

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