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Starfield fans agree game doesn't have the staying power of Skyrim

Starfield fans agree game doesn't have the staying power of Skyrim

Come on, few games compare to Skyrim

Ah, poor Starfield. It held such promise, such hope, all of which was quickly dashed the moment enough gamers got their hands on it and discovered that, while it’s a decent game, it doesn’t have the staying power of Skyrim.

Perhaps we always knew this deep down; after all, Skyrim was voted the best Bethesda game ever made. Such high praise means that it won’t easily be bested, not even by a newer game from the same devs.

What would you do with 24 hours to kill in Skyrim?

It’s news that Bethesda hasn’t taken well, with the publisher saying it’s the fans who are wrong, not them. A bold move, but one that few agree with, as the majority of Starfield’s players admit that it’s boring despite the merits it has. Arguably, this is due to people expecting Fallout in space, only to be greeted with a half-baked version of that dream.

In response to Xbox saying it wants Starfield to have the same presence as Skyrim a decade on, one gamer said, “Better start updating now,” seemingly a quip about how much needs adding to the game for that to happen. A reply to that same post griped how the previous updates have done very little, with the player in question complaining, “The latest update has two fixes AND is relegated to beta on Steam yet again. I've had a few main quests bug out before the last beta and still no fix. I just want to play the game dammit.”

Although Bethesda is known for its buggy games – hello, Fallout: New VegasStarfield lacks the charm and longstanding fandom that Fallout has generated over the years. It’s starting from scratch, which is why it’s such a hard slog to get people on board. Here at GAMINGbible, we gave Starfield 10 out of 10, and we’ll stand by that score. However, we also recognise that the game needs to evolve if it’s to ever come close to emulating a great title like Skyrim.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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