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Skyrim has a grim secret trick for fast levelling up, if you can stomach it

Skyrim has a grim secret trick for fast levelling up, if you can stomach it

It's a pretty grim piece of advice

I hardly need to remind you that we remain several years away from the release of The Elder Scrolls VI.

Development is certainly ramping up, with reports claiming that a playable build is already internally available.

Of course, this is going to be a relatively primitive playable build but it’s nice to know that progress is being made regardless.

Alongside this, Bethesda is still hard at work on Starfield, recently announcing the game’s biggest update to date.

This includes the addition of surface maps, customisable ship interiors, an increased framerate, and added gameplay settings - with usable land vehicles teased for a future update.

It’s an update that’s won over fans but if it’s The Elder Scrolls you yearn for instead of the stars, I’m afraid more patience is needed.

It’s a good job the always enjoyable Skyrim is there to constantly welcome us back in.

In fact, if you’re itching to embark on yet another playthrough, you may want to make note of this handy levelling up trick.

Take a look at some of our favourite Skyrim wins and fails below.

Before we dive into this tip, I will warn that it contains spoilers relating to the Dark Brotherhood but then again, Skyrim released back in 2011 so I should hope that no one here needs a spoiler warning.

This tip comes courtesy of GameFaQs user TheWhirr who wrote, “By the torture chamber for the Dawnstar Sanctuary (save before doing this just in [case] you kill them), go into the torture room. Equip a weak destruction spell or weak weapon in one hand and healing hands in the other. I think you get where I'm going with this. Courage can be used to level illusion.”

It’s a rather … grim way to level up but hey, it’s there as an option.

Fellow user Nochal did point out that “you can just use Shadowmere as a grinder much earlier,” if you don’t fancy crossing the dark line suggested by TheWhirr.

Either way, there you have it. Two options for quick and easy levelling up.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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