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Skyrim's quietest town has a dark secret the devs didn't want you to find

Skyrim's quietest town has a dark secret the devs didn't want you to find

Remind us to not visit next time

There’s something about the silence of this Skyrim town that makes us uneasy, and now, after uncovering its dark secret, we know why.

When visiting Rorikstead in Skyrim, you’ll immediately note that something is off about the place. However, thanks to the developers cutting content, we never knew what that was.

A dedicated fan, however, has finally helped us discover the truth, and we wish we didn’t know about this dark little settlement.

Time to watch the funniest Skyrim wins and fails to restore our faith in humanity.

At first, details about Rorikstead were kept to a minimum, with it being explained as thus, “I'm not going to go into the full details, but walk through it and ask yourself why there's only one (childless at that) woman, and two kids whose mother died in childbirth."

They continued by referring to the town’s fertile land and how it wasn’t achieved through hard graft.

We can sort of connect the dots from that information alone, but one fan decided it was better to fill in every blank so that we see the big, horrifying picture.

“So basically, they sacrifice women to the Daedra to make their crops more fertile,” Redditor Desolate_Plateu revealed, before adding, “If you really want more, download the cutting room floor mod.”

The mod suggested will apparently “reveal all secrets”.

We thought the killing of 5,000 NPCs just for the sake of it was brutal, but at least that isn't the default way to play Bethesda’s acclaimed RPG.

If you’re not scarred enough by this discovery, there’s a terrifying secret lurking in the night sky that we’re pretty sure you’ve never noticed. Probably because you’re too busy running from Rorikstead...

Although Elder Scrolls VI will differ from Skyrim, we’re eager to see what disturbing lore it’ll bury in its unassuming villages and NPCs.

If we live long enough to see it launch, that is.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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