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'Skyrim' Players Never Noticed This Tiny Detail And It's Blowing People's Minds

'Skyrim' Players Never Noticed This Tiny Detail And It's Blowing People's Minds

On Reddit, a number of Skyrim players are just now discovering that the game's tree stumps are home to some very tiny critters.

Skyrim is the game that keeps on giving. Over a decade on from its release (and still no release date for The Elder Scrolls VI in sight), there’s something about this RPG that keeps drawing players back in, and you can hardly blame them, given all the new stuff that continues to be found. Only recently, one person discovered an odd glitch which allows you to play tag with the dragons, which is incredible.

Before we get into it, be sure to check out some of the best wins and fails from Skyrim below.

Now though, over on Reddit, one player has made a discovery on a significantly (physically) smaller scale: “It took me eight years to [realise] that there are ants who move on tree stumps in Skyrim,” katdunks wrote.

While this detail might not have been totally unknown, you can understand why it could have totally passed some players by - there are only a few locations in the game where the ants can appear, and even then you’d have to be paying close attention to spot them, as the comments in the Reddit thread prove.

“I just saw these too! But I cannot take credit for noticing. My [six-year-old] daughter just started playing and she noticed them within 30 minutes. I called my wife in to show her the ants. The countless hours we’ve both put into that game without ever noticing a detail a child saw almost instantly after leaving Helgen,” wrote ruggeddave. “Me: got my original copy on release night, has played through multiple times over hundreds and hundreds of hours on [five] separate copies of the game bought and paid for. Also me: there are WHAT NOW?!” commented seanald226.

Featured Image Credit: mithiisbored via YouTube, 9gag

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