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Skyrim meets Elden Ring in this stunning free download

Skyrim meets Elden Ring in this stunning free download

It's a transformation

Modders can seemingly turn any game into something completely different with a few tweaks here and there, usually breathing new life into older games.

That’s exactly what’s happening here with this mod that overhauls The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim into a game more like Elden Ring of any of the Souls games. The mod, which is now available on Nexus Mods brings a whole host of new animations to Skyrim making it feel like a completely new game and something more in line with other action games where the swing and heft of different weapons impact your character movements.

Elden Ring still stands out as one of the best games in recent years

While the Elden Rim mod won’t change up the stats of the weapons or add any extra skills or abilities, it will change the way you move and react to that movement. This goes some way to emulating the styles we see in Elden Ring or Lords of the Fallen. It purely adds a new layer of visual flair to your playthrough, something that some may find lacking in the decade-old title.

The animations apply to all Skyrim weapons including fists, swords, daggers, axes, maces, greatswords, battleaxes, and warhammers. Looking through the mod page, players will have to install other mods in order to activate compatibility, plus there’s another to add if you want NPCs to have the same animations as you now have, making the world feel more realistic. These extra mods are ADXP | MCO framework mod and Skyrim Combos AI Revolution (SCAR) mod.

There is a huge selection of mods for Skyrim over on Nexus Mods, many of which will go some way to making the game feel fresh and exciting again. Due to the number of playthroughs some players will total, it can be fun to sprinkle in some mods that change things up, many of which focus on the visuals while others will hone in on quality-of-life updates.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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