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Skyrim meets Elden Ring in stunning new RPG

Skyrim meets Elden Ring in stunning new RPG

Upcoming RPG Dragon's Dogma 2 is looking great, and is perfect for fans of Skyrim and Elden Ring.

If you just so happen to be a fan of both Skyrim and Elden Ring, you’re certainly going to want to turn your attention to the upcoming Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Starfield may have fallen short with some fans, but there’s no denying that it’s an epic release that still offers countless hours of fun. That being said, I can see why it didn’t scratch the itch of all Skyrim fans. Starfield isn’t simply Skyrim in space as some thought it might be. It’s an entirely different kettle of fish. I also imagine that Elden Ring players are craving something new. It’s been months since the DLC expansion Shadow of the Erdtree was announced and all we have to go on is a piece of concept art. It could be unveiled at next week’s Game Awards but in the meantime, I heartily recommended Skyrim and Elden Ring fans take a look at Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Take a look at the epic Dragon’s Dogma 2 in action below.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is looking phenomenal based on the gameplay we’ve seen so far. Earlier this week, the game received an in-depth reveal featuring 30 minutes of gameplay and that coveted release date. We now know that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is set to arrive on 22 March 2024 so we don’t have long to wait at all. It’ll launch on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

If you haven’t played the original Dragon’s Dogma, do not worry. The second game is set in a parallel world, featuring a new story, new characters, and new factions - so you can join in as a new fan. That being said, those who have played the first game will feel at least somewhat more familiar with the game’s lore.

Similarly to the first game, the player assumes the role of the Arisen who’s heart is taken by the dragon. It’s up to you to seek out the dragon, slay it, and retrieve your heart. The game uses a pawn mechanic - essentially hireable allies that you find dotted throughout the world. Definitely throw this one on your 2024 must-play list.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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