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Skyrim: Legacy Of The Dragonborn mod adds hundreds of hours of new content

Skyrim: Legacy Of The Dragonborn mod adds hundreds of hours of new content

Fus Ro Delightful

Skyrim is a game that will never, ever die - and that's all thanks to modders.

Don't get me wrong, Bethesda created a stunning open-world RPG that deserves to be remembered as one of the greatest video games of all time, but let's be honest: the only reason we're all still playing Skyrim over 10 years later is because of the continued mod support.

Take a look at some of the best Skyrim wins and fails below!

There really is a mod for every occasion. Multiplayer? You got it. New quests? They're yours. Improved graphics and bug fixes? Sorted. If you can dream it, someone has probably modded it.

Enter Skyrim: Legacy Of The Dragonborn, which might just be one of the most comprehensive Skyrim mods ever made. This massive mod promises to "forever change" how you play Skyrim, which seems like a bit of a hyperbolic thing to say... but looking at what's actually contained in this mod, it's hard to argue.

"Not just a display mod, not just a quest mod, not just a new guild mod, but a complete foundational flagship mod to build an entire load order around. This DLC expansion sized mod adds hundreds of new items, dozens of new quests and hundreds of extra hours of play," reads the mod description.

One of the main selling points of this mod is brand-new main questline in which "the true destiny of the Dragonborn comes to light", complete with new foes, new paths, and new outcomes.

There's also a new Guild to join in the form of the Explorer's Guild, new bosses, new areas to explore, side-quests to conquer, and entirely gameplay mechanics.

It might be a little unwise to install a mod like this so close to the release of Starfield, given how huge we know that game is going to be, but if you're looking for a substantial new Skyrim experience? This is it.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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