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Skyrim players blown away by hidden questline you probably missed

Skyrim players blown away by hidden questline you probably missed

Turn over every stone, for the love of god

One day we’ll feel rudderless having found all the secrets of Skyrim, but today isn’t that day.

Instead, we’re learning of a hidden questline that’s all too easy to miss if you don’t keep your wits about you.

It’s easy for some to criticise the aspects of Bethesda’s beloved RPG missed by others, yet when we’re trying to navigate our way through such a detailed world, it’s more than understandable that details get overlooked.

Need to feel better about your failings? Then you should watch the funniest Skyrim fails and wins below!

After a Skyrim TIL discussion started on Reddit, it became apparent that we’ve not been paying enough attention.

For example, did you know there’s more to do after returning the Skeleton Key? That’s what user DontGiveUpTheDip disclosed to surprised players:

“There's more to do in the Thieves Guild after you return the Skeleton Key. I had no clue about doing the small jobs and getting the Guild Master armour.”

Soon it became apparent that others didn’t know this either, typically because they didn’t dare give the key back.

Redditor CianDS revealed their shame, saying, “I'm still afraid to give up the Skeleton Key.”

But look what happens if fear controls you – you miss out on extra quests, not to mention fancy Guild Master armour.

Don’t be “weak”, give that key back and reap the benefits.

Of course, if you really can’t bring yourself to part with it, there’s other secrets you can amuse yourself with, like a hidden quest that’s eluded us for almost 10 years.

Then there are the dark secrets... the ones that should have stayed buried but have surfaced regardless. You can live in blissful ignorance or change how you feel about this quiet town; you decide.

It doesn’t matter that the new Elder Scrolls game is in development, we’re concerned we’ll never fully complete this adventure!

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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