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Skyrim's first dungeon has a hidden treasure you definitely missed

Skyrim's first dungeon has a hidden treasure you definitely missed

At this point, we know nothing anymore

How do we keep managing to miss so many details?

Skyrim has been out almost 13 years, yet we’re still learning about hidden areas to this day. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, but also one that keeps making us look the fool.

Fans have been amazed by a hidden skill after 2,000 plus hours of play, and they’ve been both exasperated and relieved to learn of an invaluable lock picking trick.

Watching these Skyrim wins and fails will make us feel better

But this hidden secret? Oh, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Redditor Extension_Travel3535 asked, “Show of hands, how many of y’all have been playing this game for years and had no clue about these hidden outside Bleak Falls Barrow?”

Accompanying their question was a video showing exactly where the hidden treasure could be found.

The responses came swiftly after this reveal.

Annoyed though fellow fans are to have previously missed this, they also can’t resist discovering this area for themselves.

“Bro please I'm trying to take a break from Skyrim. Why you do this to me?” asked Plantain-Altruistic.

Others joked about how they’d try to memorise the location for their next playthrough of Bethesda’s classic, but would likely forget about it when actually playing.

The truth of the matter is: there will always be secrets.

Drachirus246 alluded to as much by saying, “You will be starting this game even after another 20 years because you will find another hidden chest like under the whale bones in Sovngarde.”

Considering the release of The Elder Scrolls VI is still laughably far away, Skyrim is a game that’ll be played and analysed for years to come yet.

Maybe a day will come when all its secrets are discovered... But today isn’t that day.

No matter, at least we now know of yet another area to thoroughly explore the next time we decide to embark on an epic adventure. Assuming we don’t forget about it before that happens.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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