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'Silent Hill Remake' Looks Incredible In Unreal Engine 5

'Silent Hill Remake' Looks Incredible In Unreal Engine 5

Fans have been working on a remake of Silent Hill in Unreal Engine 5, and some newly released gameplay footage from the devs looks great.

Despite absolutely nothing official coming from the Silent Hill franchise in about 10 years now, that’s not stopped fans from praying for something, anything to change that. That said, last month, when an insider claimed that Silent Hill 2 might be getting remade by Bloober Team, the dream quickly became anything but that.

Anyway, even if Konami has been, ironically, silent about the series, that’s not stopped fans from putting in the work themselves to produce the games we want. Hey, if you want something done right, do it yourself, right? As reported by DSOGaming, one indie dev team has been working on a phenomenal remake of the first Silent Hill game in Unreal Engine 5, and it’s the stuff of dreams.

Take a look at the excellent footage from the project below. Beware, it gets spooky.

The remake is being produced by Codeless Studio, who first revealed some pre-alpha gameplay footage of the project back in January. A new video shows off 10 minutes of alpha gameplay footage from the Midwich Elementary School area of the game, including some enemies and combat scenes.

Fans have been showing their support in the YouTube comments: “A really nice job, I appreciate the fact that it is 100% faithful to the original. The sound is also reminiscent of the original,” wrote Luca Calcagno. “This was amazing. I really hope that a full game can come to fruition from this. Thoroughly enjoyed that. It truly captured the ambience that Silent Hill is supposed to have,” commented James Loccisano.

Compared to the first video of the remake, you can see that a number of improvements have been made - the devs are encouraging fans to share their feedback so that they can continue to make it even better. I personally can’t wait to see some more of this one in the future (and I’m sure many people would gladly take this over a potential Bloober Team remake any day of the week).

Featured Image Credit: Konami, Codeless Studio via YouTube

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