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Silent Hill 2 remake confirms October release in new trailer

Silent Hill 2 remake confirms October release in new trailer

We're going back to Silent Hill very soon

During Sony's State of Play, we finally got to see more of Silent Hill 2 Remake, with plenty of scary nurses and darkened hallways. Bugs aplenty scurry up walls and the action is interspersed with moments of drama.

The trailer shows off some gorgeous animation with our hero James asking where he can find Silent Hill before being warned he shouldn't go there. You and me both, mate.

We're going back to Silent Hill in the remake of the epic horror.

But the most important fact in the new trailer is the release date and now we finally know when we can go back to Silent hill. And that date is 8 October 2024.

Konami is finally treating fans of horror to a return visit and we can't wait to go back to the world of weary horror and bleakness at every turn.

Players will see us follow the events of the legendary game beat for beat, reportedly with very few changes to the story we first saw back on the original PlayStation.

The original game set the world alight and took horror fans into a new realm of fear with surreal monsters, missing wives, and that overwhelming fog that permeates all of the Silent Hill games.

This launch will be the first in a new batch of games for the franchise and will see new facets of evil and scares.

If you somehow missed this epic survival horror, or were far too young at the time, this will be the best way to play the iconic adventure. There's plenty to look forward to (and avoid) in the town of Silent Hill. Now we can start the countdown to Halloween 2024 and revel in the spooky vibes.

Featured Image Credit: Konami

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