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Silent Hill 2 remake full reveal teased by Konami

Silent Hill 2 remake full reveal teased by Konami

Bloober Team's Silent Hill 2 remake is reportedly getting a full reveal very soon.

Words by Dan Lipscombe

Is that some Silent Hill 2 news we see through the fog? Will we see more of Silent Hill 2 remake at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show? Well, according to a Reddit post, there are signs that the game will be making an appearance at the industry event.

Those eagle-eye Redditors have noticed that the Steam page for the Silent Hill 2 remake features a banner for TGS, which might point to a trailer reveal, or something more substantial. There’s also a banner on a Yu-Gi-Oh game, too, which actually makes the rumour more concrete because why would it be on both if Konami hadn’t already prepped coverage?

Take a look at Silent Hill 2 remake's teaser trailer.

Of course, it could be nothing, we might just be getting our hopes (and our blood pressure) up, but this is one of the most anticipated updates to one of the best survival horror games of all-time. Hype and excitement are very much expected.

In case you aren’t aware, the remake is coming from a horror studio who has frequently dropped games of high quality. Bloober Team, who also worked on Observer, The Medium, and the spooky Layers of Fear are keeping details to themselves, which is probably a wise choice.

Silent Hill 2 is constantly held up as a pillar of survival horror - often cited as a masterpiece that manages to deliver a solid story and genuine scares. If you can’t guess, because of the nostalgia and genuine quality of the original, fans are both eager and fearful. Something that might be felt at Bloober Team.

There’s a huge weight on the shoulders of the developer. It could all go wrong. Having said that, it could further the masterpiece from the original PlayStation and become a new classic. But the gamble might be the reason as to why we haven’t seen more.

We are getting much closer to the eventual release so a trailer should be around the corner and what better place to showcase it, then in Tokyo. TGS runs from 21 to 24 September. And yes, while writing this I could only pine longingly for the now dead Silent Hills which would have had Kojima producing the fog drenched town.

Featured Image Credit: Konami

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