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'Roblox' Infamous "Oof" Sound Has Been Removed For Sad Reason

'Roblox' Infamous "Oof" Sound Has Been Removed For Sad Reason

Oof is officially being removed from Roblox for good.

There are plenty of sayings within the gaming world that help us celebrate our virtual wins and fails. There’s press F, major dub, taking the L, massive W … you get the idea. Whether we’re celebrating or wallowing in commiserations, we like to do it in classic gaming style.

There’s one saying though that stands out above the rest. Roblox’s Oof. Someone pushes you into the slime on Fall Guys? Oof. Getting overtaken on the finish line in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Oof. Oof is so multifunctional that you can use it in real life too. Stub your toe? Oof. Taken a sip of cold tea? Oof. It’s an iconic saying, yet for some reason, Roblox are removing it from the game entirely.

Netflix's Squid Game previously made its way to Roblox, after users recreated 'Red Light, Green Light.' Take a look below.

Oof is used in Roblox to signify a player’s death. It’s a very child-friendly death sound, which makes sense given that Roblox is indeed played by lots of children. Anyway, earlier today, Roblox announced that the sound had been removed from the game.

This is all due to a licensing issue as Roblox’s developers didn’t actually create the oof sound. It’s the work of composer Tommy Tallarico who most recently led operations at Intellivision. Taking to Twitter, Roblox wrote, “Related to sounds, due to a licensing issue we have removed the oof sound from Roblox and have created a replacement default sound which launches today.”

Roblox followed up by saying, “We plan to expand our Avatar Shop with a whole range of both old and new sounds in the future. More to come on this,” so it sounds like team Roblox are busy working on a brand new sound. Originally, creator Tallarico did have an agreement with Roblox over the use of the sound but it certainly seems like this arrangement has come to an end. Press F to pay respects.

Featured Image Credit: Roblox Corporation, Nickelodeon Animation Studio

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