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Rick And Morty creator's new shooter isn't coming to PlayStation, sorry guys

Rick And Morty creator's new shooter isn't coming to PlayStation, sorry guys

Not yet, that is.

At the start of December, Squanch Games dropped High on Life, a first-person shooter that sees Earth invaded by an alien cartel who wants to turn humans into narcotics. It's been a serious success on Xbox, but if you have a PlayStation, I'm afraid you'll be watching from the sidelines with this one.

Presently, there are no intentions to port High on Life to PlayStation platforms. Squanch Games has an active agreement with Microsoft over the game's availability and it's evident that the developer has benefitted a lot from this arrangement. "Partnering with Microsoft to bring High On Life to Game Pass was a great opportunity for us to bring our game to as many players as possible. We’ve been working on this game for about four years, and they’ve been nothing short of an unbelievably supportive team from the beginning," enthused community lead Jordyn Halpern in an interview with True Achievements.

Check out the trailer for the game here:

Ergo, it's not likely that we'll see High on Life on the PlayStation Store any time in the near future. That might be a bonus, though. As the game sprang forth from the mind of Justin Roiland, one of the creators of Rick and Morty, there's an enormous amount still to discover in the levels.

"There’s so many off-the-golden-path things in this game that people are going to continue to be discovering for months, which is not the norm, you know? Usually, it’s like, ‘OK we’ve got to really focus on the primary golden path.’ And we have so much stuff that’s like- we could have cut a lot of it. The reason that that all made it in is just the passion of the team," explained Roiland in an episode of the Xbox Podcast.

Between launch and whenever it lands on PlayStation, it's presumable that there still be stuff to see in the game. Just to be sure though, maybe mute the term "High on Life" on social media.

Featured Image Credit: Squanch Games

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