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'God Of War Ragnarök' Rick And Morty Trailer Has Been Modded Into Reality

'God Of War Ragnarök' Rick And Morty Trailer Has Been Modded Into Reality

Modder Omega Fantasy has made playing as Rick in God of War a reality, and it's amazing.

A couple of days ago, the Internet got hit with a video it could never have been quite ready for - an official Rick and Morty and God of War Ragnarök crossover trailer. Fully animated and voice acted, I don’t think this was the teaser that any of us were expecting for Kratos’ upcoming adventure, but nonetheless, everyone loved it. 

Check out a selection of Elden Ring's most cursed mods below.

Since then, modders have quickly got to work, and have made playable Rick and Morty a reality in God of War (2018). Modder Omega Fantasy released a showcase video on YouTube showing the fully functioning character models in action, and doubled with the official trailer audio, it’s hilarious. Take a look for yourself below.

What’s more, a full video will be released on YouTuber ToastedShoes’ channel next week playing through the game with the mod, which is sure to be incredible. In case you were unfamiliar, ToastedShoes has previously played through the game with all the characters replaced with familiar faces from The Simpsons, which works so much better than you might expect. Oh, and also Elden Ring with Binley Mega Chippy modded in as a replacement for the Walking Mausoleums, because nothing is sacred. 

In other cursed mod news, last month, one modder replaced the cat in Stray with a truly horrifying model of Shrek on all fours. Look, I had to see it, and so do you.

Featured Image Credit: Omega Fantasy via YouTube, Adult Swim/Warner Bros. Television Distribution

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