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Resident Evil HD new-gen remaster free to download now

Resident Evil HD new-gen remaster free to download now

A classic survival horror just got even better!

When the Resident Evil remake was released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2002 it not only brought a much-needed mature tone to the family-friendly console but it was a prime example of how a remake should be done.

The classic survival horror title in question is a remake of Capcom’s original Resident Evil game that was initially released for the PlayStation in 1996. Not only did it bring gorgeous new visuals for its time, but the Spencer Mansion also had plenty of surprises in store for returning fans with new locations and scary new monsters.

Check out the Resident Evil trailer below!

I’d also argue that to this very day, the Resident Evil remake still holds up both in terms of visuals but also old-school survival horror gameplay. That being said, as much as I love to return to this classic title of 2002, rumours of that iconic Resident Evil remake being remade send my hype levels into overdrive.

In 2015, the Resident Evil remake received a remaster for that generation which not only improved the visuals but also came with two optional control schemes, the classic tank controls and one that is more modern. However, if you want this classic remake to look even better, look no further than the free upscaling mod that is available to download now via Nexusmods.

Created by modder Arcturium, the ‘Rescale’ mod for Resident Evil improves the textures of the remake massively by overhauling over 2,500 of its pre-rendered backgrounds. The batch of comparison images on the dedicated Nexusmods page showcases the visual improvements at close inspection and this mod is certainly not one to be missed by fans.

Unfortunately, as with the case of most mods, this is exclusive to PC but the Resident Evil remake still looks gorgeous on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, so worry not.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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