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Resident Evil 9 announcement roasted by fans

Resident Evil 9 announcement roasted by fans

No one is surprised

Whenever a new Resident Evil game is announced by Capcom, it’s huge news for its passionate fans. However, it seems that not everyone is as happy with the most recent announcement.

Earlier this week, following months of rumours and speculation, Capcom announced that a new Resident Evil game is in the works. It wasn't officially confirmed by Capcom whether this would 100% be RE9 or a remake, but given that there was no mention of a remake, it’s safe to assume that it was Resident Evil 9 which current series director, Kōshi Nakanishi was referring to.

Check out the Resident Evil 4 remake trailer below!

That's not to say that Capcom isn't simultaneously working on a remake whether it’s another remake of the 1996 original, Resident Evil Code: Veronica or Resident Evil 5. The main development team at Capcom may be working on Resident Evil 9, while a remake could be handled by a studio such as M-Two who assisted with the 2020 Resident Evil 3 remake.

While we all knew that a new Resident Evil game was on the way, it’s nice to get that official confirmation from Capcom, nonetheless. However, it seems that not everyone is happy and some fans are roasting the apparent Resident Evil 9 announcement.

“Director Kōshi Nakanishi reveals that a new Resident Evil is in development,” posted Redditor Lulcielid, kicking off the discussion on the thread. Sure, there was excitement following this news, but some fans have understandably responded sarcastically.

“In other breaking news: it will be a videogame,” replied BlueKud006 with LoveForDisneyLand responding, “In other, other breaking news: it will have a protagonist.”

“There’s always a new RE in development if not multiple simultaneously. This “revelation” is like lifting up a cat’s tail to see it has a butthole. Good job,” exclaimed Illustrious-Hair3487.

“Well, duh. I don't understand why people are losing their minds over this. We already knew there was gonna be another Resident Evil game. Hell, the series will probably outlive us all,” said a sarcastic Vergil_Cloven.

I know, we all saw this coming, but at least we can rejoice in the fact that at least one more Resident Evil game is on the way and it will likely be followed by many more in the coming years.

Hopefully, Capcom will reveal details on the new upcoming Resident Evil game and with a bit of luck, we’ll get confirmation that Resident Evil Code: Veronica and Resident Evil Outbreak are getting the remakes they deserve. Oh, and let’s throw Dino Crisis in there too.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom/Netflix/Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

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