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Red Dead Redemption meets The Last Of Us in gorgeous Unreal Engine 5 game

Red Dead Redemption meets The Last Of Us in gorgeous Unreal Engine 5 game

Top-down survival

Post-apocalyptic is a theme that is always putting in work within gaming. It goes hand-in-hand with so many genres and can deliver top-notch stories. This is the situation with As One We Survive, a gorgeous adventure game coming soon to Early Access.

You can wishlist the game on Steam currently and we’re getting vibes of The Last of Us meets Red Dead Redemption. There are lots of open vistas making the game feel like an adventure in the Wild West, with campfires and creepy locales such as decrepit churches.

The Last of Us 2 is being expanded, which is no bad thing as we love post-apocalypse stories

As One We Survive looks to be a top-down narrative journey through a difficult landscape playing as “a father as he tries to find help for his sick daughter during a grid down post-pandemic event. Fight, scavenge, craft, and gather resources for your family's survival.” A mixture of survival and driven story, there will be plenty of challenges from the off. The desperate need to survive will be your primary focus in “a post-apocalyptic rural landscape” where you will “scavenge for resources, manage vitals, and craft supplies to help you stay alive.”

There’s a dash of community management here as you come across other survivors and it wouldn’t be a post-apocalyptic story without a hearty amount of combat too. What stands out the most is the visuals. It’s a beautiful-looking game created with a muted colour palette to really emphasise the crumbling of society. Everything feels desolate and the top-down view is the best way to show these empty streets and abandoned countryside.

Hopefully, As One We Survive will manage to pull off an effective story alongside the need to fulfil the needs of others. There’s a sense that the core story of father and daughter should be tugging at the heartstrings, which is difficult to do in today’s landscape of gaming.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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