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Red Dead Redemption's Arthur Morgan officially returns next month in new release

Red Dead Redemption's Arthur Morgan officially returns next month in new release

He returns to us

After we said our goodbyes to Arthur Morgan, we feared we’d never see or hear from him again. But it turns out this leading man is hard to keep down.

Our love for Red Dead Redemption 2s Arthur seemingly knows no bounds, after fans dubbed him one of the greatest gaming protagonists in history.

Even when his horrifying crimes have been dug up by Rockstar Games players, we still can’t help but adore everything about this complicated, rugged man.

We're in the mood to see some funny Red Dead Redemption 2 failures and wins – what about you?

Arguably, this is why we’re so thrilled to see Arthur Morgan making an official comeback this August.

Everyone’s favourite outlaw will return as the narrator for the audio book Red Dead's History: A Video Game, an Obsession, and America's Violent Past.

You can also read this book on Kindle, however, you’ll (obviously) not get to hear Arthur’s gruff voice reading every word to you.

This might not be the way you wanted the popular character to return. Still, given what happens to Arthur in RDR2, the fact he’s back at all is a nice surprise.

Should this new release not appeal to you, there’s plenty of expansions and mods to enjoy for both games in the Rockstar franchise.

One option is a new epilogue for RDR2 which allows you to play as a fan-favourite character, undoubtedly offering additional depth to this gruelling tale of love, loyalty, crime, and heartbreak.

If you’d prefer to see Arthur reunited with John, though, that too can be arranged thanks to a wholesome moment shared by fans on Reddit.

There are plenty of ways to keep the memories of Arthur and co alive. Nonetheless, if you want to hear his voice one more time, this new release is the easiest way to do it without starting a whole new RDR2 playthrough.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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