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Red Dead Redemption 2 just got its biggest update in years

Red Dead Redemption 2 just got its biggest update in years

Red Dead Redemption 2 players have been trying to figure out what its new update actually did, and they've discovered a huge change.

Saddle up - Red Dead Redemption 2 just got a surprisingly large update. Why? No one’s entirely sure.

As reported by TheGamer, the new update was first highlighted on Reddit, where players have all been wondering what it could possibly be for. Coming in at 2.89GB, it’s not what you’d call a tiny download, so it must contain something interesting, right? Well, sort of.

Before we get into it, take a look at some of the best wins and fails from Red Dead Redemption 2 below.

Immediately, some considered the possibility that it could be a security update. In case you were unaware, a number of GTA Online accounts were recently lost as a result of hackers who apparently utilised an exploit in the game’s code to change others’ stats and get them banned. Rockstar Games quickly announced that it was aware of the issue, and last week, rolled out an update to put a stop to it. As a result, it makes sense that something similar could have been implemented in Red Dead Redemption 2, although at the time of writing, that’s not clear.

One change that players have discovered is a big one, though. It seems that a particularly annoying bug has been removed from Red Dead Online, which previously softlocked players who attempted to enter a stable on their horse.

“Guys. I just went into my stable on my horse and it ACTUALLY WORKED. I'm shocked this update seemingly actually fixed a bug. And yes, I did it twice in a row to make sure it wasn't a fluke,” Reddit user BikkyBandit wrote.

As for what other changes the update has made, we’ll just have to figure those out for ourselves. Some joked that the maintenance might have added even more glitches to the game that have yet to be discovered, but as long as the stables keep working as intended, I won’t be complaining.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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