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'Red Dead Online' Animal Has Only Just Been Found After Three Years

'Red Dead Online' Animal Has Only Just Been Found After Three Years

Should've gone to Specsavers.

Red Dead Online players are shocked, stunned and surprised to discover that there's an animal that has been hiding in plain sight this whole time. And I totally get why it's never been found before because I doubt anyone's been on safari when being harangued by randoms who want to tie you up and put you on train tracks for fun.

In July, Take-Two Interactive informed the community that there would be no further major updates for Red Dead Online and that the game would be supported with improvements to existing modes, quality of life upgrades and seasonal special events. Of course, this is as a result of the company's continued focus on the next Grand Theft Auto game, but it's obvious that the announcement was a kick in the teeth for one of the most dedicated fan bases out there. Plus, the world of the game is so gorgeous, with the exceptional visuals in a screenshot fooling a local TV station into thinking it was a real photo of Oregon.

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Rockstar Games poured their blood, sweat and tears into this game and the experience of playing any of the Red Dead Redemption games isn't one that fades even as the years roll on. In fact, it's taken three years for players to stumble upon an animal that no one's seen before in Red Dead Online: tadpoles. Take a look:

Cute, isn't it? It's amazing that a team at Rockstar Games had the thought to include these little critters and at long last, they're getting the recognition that they deserve. And I applaud Reddit user moinkboink for dunking their character's head in the pond water. Antics like that was a death sentence in the days that Red Dead is set. There could be all sorts in that gunk.

Featured Image Credit: Take-Two Interactive

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