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Unlucky Red Dead Online player set to lose $1 million in-game currency

Unlucky Red Dead Online player set to lose $1 million in-game currency

A Red Dead Online player may lose his 3500+ hour Google Stadia file, due to not playing in the 30 days prior to the shutdown announcement.

The announcement of Google Stadia’s imminent demise has caused quite the stir online. The cloud gaming service will meet its tragic end on 18 January 2023 after just three years of service. While Google confirmed that any hardware and software bought through the Google and Stadia stores respectively will be refunded by mid-January, the fate of players’ save files is less certain.

Back when the news was first announced, Twitter user @ItsColourTV shared their woes that they were faced with the reality of losing almost 6000 hours of progress on Red Dead Online, saying how they were (understandably) “seriously p*ssed off”.

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For this particular user, things reached a happy conclusion when Rockstar confirmed that Stadia players will be able to carry over all their Gold Bars, RDO$, XP, Role XP, and Role Tokens to an existing account on PS4, Xbox One or PC with a linked Rockstar Social Club account. There’s a catch though - this transfer is only permitted for “active Stadia players”, specifically those who played within 30 days prior to Stadia announcing their shutdown.

That’s right, if you were busy in the month prior to the announcement, you’re out of luck, and as Screen Rant reports, @ItsColourTV is now raising awareness for a different player who’s been caught out by this technicality.

“One Stadia player @GGraham72882493 will be losing his 1 million dollars, 1.3k gold bars and 662 ranks due to Rockstar's condition that they must have played within 30 days prior to the shut down announcement,” @ItsColourTV wrote. “I am continuing to get reports from players that Rockstar Support is refusing them to transfer their progress as they have not played within 30 days prior to the announcement. Some even with 2000+ hours (rank 500+).”

It really is an awkward one - the 30 day rule means that anyone who didn’t play in the qualifying period is now totally helpless, regardless of how much time they’ve put in. It remains to be seen if Rockstar will step in and make exceptions.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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