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Red Alert 2 hailed as one of the greats, 23 years later

Red Alert 2 hailed as one of the greats, 23 years later

It's a red alert

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 was released 23 years ago and I've crumbled to dust. For many RTS fans, or just PC gamers, Command & Conquer was a brilliant series. It was up there with Starcraft as being deep, easily playable and endlessly replayable.

Of course, as with so many older games, conversation started on Reddit and it brought out all the old retro gamers. One commenter got right in and went for the jugular saying "Man EA really screwed up that franchise when they bought Westwood Studios." Which, I have to admit, made me laugh. I was a huge Command & Conquer fan back in the day - though I was a heathen and played it on the original PlayStation.

Command & Conquer Remastered went some way to rekindling the love

"This and Tiberian Sun were my absolute favourite growing up" says u/Great-Reference9322 and they're not alone. Plenty of fans spent a few minutes reminiscing with one gamer telling the story of how they got to play some C&C, "We kept the PC in the basement, and I had to sneak past my mom’s room with very creaky hardwood floors to get to the basement to play after bedtime."

Another user, u/Creski, says "So I have so fond memories of this game" before going into describing the full intro to the game with pinpoint accuracy. There are a great many people voicing their love in various ways. One user simply said "Top 5 for sure. I miss those days." While another commented Yuri's revenge is still one of my favourites. I loved that mad lad."

Sadly the Command & Conquer series seems to be languishing somewhat, but there are plenty of fans who would relish a remaster of some of the older titles. A Red Alert trilogy would be wonderful and it would give us C&C Tim Curry to appreciate.

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