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Rahul Kohli wants to make a Red Dead Redemption movie

Rahul Kohli wants to make a Red Dead Redemption movie

In an interview with GAMINGbible, Rahul Kohli revealed that he'd be down to star in a Red Dead Redemption movie as John Marston.

So far, The Last of Us TV series has been incredible, and has sufficiently proved to the non-believers that adaptations of video games can be really good, actually.

Before this, you’d have been forgiven for thinking that such a notion was ridiculous - just last year, both the Halo TV series and Uncharted movie proved to be rather disappointing (and, in Halo’s case, utterly baffling). The Last of Us’ success has also prompted gamers everywhere to ponder what it could be like if other big games were turned into equally high quality shows or movies - recently, there’ve been calls from Red Dead Redemption fans to turn the series into the adaptation of dreams.

Take a look at our full interview with Rahul below!

It turns out that they’re not the only ones who’ve been thinking about this possibility. In a new interview with GAMINGbible, we asked Rahul Kohli what games he’d love to see turned into TV shows or movies, and he had some great answers.

“I've always felt that there was a world in which DOOM could be done properly,” he said. “I really do, I just want to hack it and I have a few friends who have tried, and there is a way to do a kickass, 90-minute, Hardcore Henry - I think that's the title... There’s a way to hack that and get that working, and just make the most badass action movie.

“But Red Dead is another one, I think. I’m such a big fan of the genre, and Spaghetti Westerns mean so much to me. There’s a show in there somewhere, John Marston or someone, that would probably be something I’d be down to watch.”

When it was pointed out that he’d make a really solid John Marston himself, he said: “If we're allowed to skew timelines and we can start having British-Asians in Westerns in the 1800s then yeah, I'm in.”

We’d definitely love to see this happen. Rockstar, if you’re listening, please take notes.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution, Rockstar Games

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