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God of War Ragnarök can hit 120fps on PS5

God of War Ragnarök can hit 120fps on PS5

Four different graphics options have now been confirmed for Ragnarök, and one of them targets 120fps.

Hyped for God of War Ragnarök? What a silly question, of course you are. Kratos’ upcoming adventure has easily been one of the gaming community’s most anticipated titles ever since it was announced in 2020. For a while this year, it was starting to look like it may have been pushed back with another delay, but thankfully not - it’ll be upon us next month.

In his preview, GAMINGbible’s very own Ewan Moore had some super high praise for the game, noting that “the combat is faster, the puzzles are smarter, and the bosses far more imposing than ever before”, and pointing out how much slicker fighting with Kratos feels. It’s little wonder that this is the case when you consider the powerful performance options that the game has.

Check out the story trailer for God of War Ragnarök right here.

As reported by VGC, four different graphics options for Ragnarök have now been confirmed. Players can choose Favour Resolution (4K visuals locked at 30fps) or Favour Performance (locked at 60fps), or high frame rate versions of the two (for TVs compatible with HDMI 2.1). The Favour Resolution (High Frame Rate) option maintains 4K visuals, but bumps up the frame rate to 40fps. Meanwhile, the Favour Performance (High Frame Rate) option is where things get really wild, as it targets 120fps for that buttery smooth Kratos head-smashing action.

Last week, it was confirmed that Ragnarök was almost made into two separate games, as the devs had considered whether Kratos’ Norse saga (which kicked off with 2018’s God of War) should be a trilogy. Thanks to that, the upcoming title is apparently bigger than the team had originally planned, which I’m sure is very exciting to some, and terrifying to others who already have a huge backlog.

There’s not long to wait for it now, as the game releases on 9 November.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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