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Diego Luna Explains R2-D2 Has A Different And Adorable Name In Mexico

Diego Luna Explains R2-D2 Has A Different And Adorable Name In Mexico

This is so cute.

Diego Luna, who stars as Cassian Andor in the upcoming Star Wars show following the rebel operative before the events of Rogue One, has revealed that R2-D2 has a completely different name in Mexico. And it's actually adorable.

In the Latin American Spanish dub of A New Hope, some of the words for the sci-fi heroes, planets, ships and droids were translated and some of them stayed in English. RD-D2 is one of these words that was spoken in English in the dub, which sounds like Arturito when spoken in Spanish. Arturito means little Arthur, and a huge number of Latin American fans knew the character with this cute name and were surprised when they saw how it is written compared to how it sounds.

Check out this sneak peek of a scene from Andor ahead of its premiere next week!

Luna reminded the world of this piece of trivia in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, saying that he thought that Arturito was the droid's real name until he was a teenager. "You know the story, no?" he said, gesturing to Guillermo Rodriguez, who agreed. "R2-D2, Arturito, for the first 15 years of my life," continued the actor. "I thought it was little Arthur. It makes sense! He is tiny."

The iconic droid does not show up in Andor, but, its story and cinematography has knocked the socks off critics. It's a good thing that there's not long to wait til it hits Disney+.

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