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Portal 2 celebrated as pure 'wizardry' 12 years after release

Portal 2 celebrated as pure 'wizardry' 12 years after release

You don't need wands to cast spells over gamers

You don’t need to explore the world of magic through the likes of Hogwarts Legacy or other whimsical games to experience wizardry – all you have to do is load up Portal 2 and you’ll be blessed with magic untold.

The magic doesn’t just come in the form of its narrative mastery, but also in how good it looks 12 years later. As one fan put it, it’s “Valve wizardry”. I couldn’t agree more. I’m an avid fan of the Portal franchise, forever hoping that more full-length titles will be released that will continue its thrilling yet challenging puzzles.

Portal 2 has exceptional co-op player – check it out if you haven't already!

Portal 2 has been hailed as one of the best games ever created, so it’s unsurprising to all who know that this particular cake isn’t a lie, that it still looks as fresh as when it first launched. Not only do fans think it’s “crazy” how “phenomenal” the game still looks, but also how “solid the story was”. As InterstellarReddit explains, Portal 2 “left you wanting to play more and more to see how it all unfolds”.

Yet it isn’t just praise the game provokes, it’s also frustration, as revealed by Redditor goddess-belladonna, “It's frustrating too because there's just no reason games can't be like this. I mean, given the sheer volume of games released each and every year, we really should be seeing more original content like this. Of course, that's not very profitable for the big guys.” Although extremely cynical, I understand such annoyance when less innovative titles are favoured over iconic games like this Valve classic.

So many think of Steam when they hear the name Valve, yet Valve is so much more than a parent company, it’s a publisher of games that will forever be in gamers’ hearts. “Portal 2 still holds up visually after all these years. Valve's design and graphics are just timeless. Can't wait to see what they come up with next!”

Neither can we. Hopefully, it’ll have the sparks of creativity like Portal, if for nothing more than hearing GLaDOS’ sweet chastising voice again.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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