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'Pokémon: Legends Arceus' Modders Have Made The Game A Lot Better

'Pokémon: Legends Arceus' Modders Have Made The Game A Lot Better

While Pokémon: Legends Arceus was a big hit with players, modders have added some big quality of life improvements.

Pokémon: Legends Arceus has been a huge success with Pokéstans and newcomers alike. With its completely new take on the monster pocketing franchise, it went on to be one of the fastest selling Switch games of all time. However, just because the game is good, and it is very good, doesn't mean it couldn't be even better.

Well as soon as the news broke that some people had managed to port Pokémon to PC it was never going to be long until mods got a hold of it. We are so glad they did. There is already quite an array which have brought some very much appreciated quality of life changes to the game. From being able to swim a bit longer until you drown, to being able to engage in battle from further away. If you've thought of a small annoyance, it's probably been fixed.

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The list of mods, as compiled by YouTuber PurpleThunderNE, shows off a whole range of changes. There are a couple of graphical mods which make small but noticeable improvements. Improving the draw distance of objects means far away Pokémon no longer move at 5fps, while another mod removes those distracting purple and white lines which appear on the edges of rocks.

Other mods offer big improvements on some of the best bits in Arceus: the mounts. Wyrdeer can now gallop up mountain sides with ease, but has been usurped by a very speedy Ursaluna who offers the same hiking ability. Our clambering buddy Sneasler has had a much desired speed boost, too. The best improvement however is for our boy Braviary who now launches much higher, doesn't dip in height and zooms across the land. Basculegion doesn't get a mod though because he's already perfect.

The best mod in the showcase is probably one of the most simple. It sets up markers on your map to show you where all of Spiritomb's wisps are, instead of say, spending five hours looking for them on a ever slowly descending Braviary. You won't be able to install these without the PC port or a modded Switch so maybe just see them as a wishlist for Nintendo for now. 

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo / Game Freak

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