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PlayStation fans slam Xbox over missing feature

PlayStation fans slam Xbox over missing feature

The console war continues on

Another day, another console war and this time it follows the arrival of Valorant to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Since its release in 2020, Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant has been solely available on PC but for the first time in four years, it has made its way to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S for a beta period.

Check out the tactical shooter Valorant below!

Arriving on 14 June and available for a limited time, Valorant is finally available for console users but it seems as though PlayStation 5 users are annoyed that a console feature will not be implemented as the game has to remain fair for both consoles.

More specifically, Valorant is a tactical shooter that relies heavily on aim. Such a thing is a lot easier on PC where players are able to use the mouse to make miniscule movements, however it is a lot harder whilst using a controller.

Although Riot aims to add a Focus Aim system to the console, it is not yet available to try out and PlayStation 5 players are wondering why they can’t make use of the DualSense Controller’s gyro technology.

Gyro technology, which can be used as an aiming feature, occurs when the controller is moved in a certain way which, in turn, affects the on-screen crosshair movement. Built into the PS5 controller, this would greatly assist Valorant players.

However, the Xbox Series X/S controller does not feature this technology and so Riot deemed it would be unfair to implement it on one console and not the other.

This was explained by Coleman Palm, product management lead on Valorant gameplay. He said:

“Not a blind spot for us fwiw, but it’s not supported on Xbox controllers natively. If we leaned super hard into gyro being “the way to play” on console we’d be heavily favoring PS5>Xbox, which we don’t want to do.”

However, he also reveals that implementing gyro technology is something they could bring to Valorant for the PS5 in the future.

The Valorant beta for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S is currently available now.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Microsoft

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