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PlayStation is finally set to lose one of its biggest exclusives

PlayStation is finally set to lose one of its biggest exclusives

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says that if the Activision deal goes through, he's going to put an end to platform exclusive DLC.

Despite it being over a year since the announcement of Microsoft’s plans to acquire Activision Blizzard, it's still rather unclear what’s actually happening.

For a start, the deal hasn’t actually gone through yet. It’s still under scrutiny by regulators to determine whether or not it’d give Microsoft an unfair market advantage. As you’d imagine, Sony has been arguing fervently to try and put a stop to it happening - given that Microsoft will own the Call of Duty IP if it goes ahead, you can understand the company being a bit nervous.

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Throughout the last year, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has repeatedly reiterated that he doesn’t plan to make Call of Duty an Xbox exclusive franchise. In fact, if anything, he plans to do the opposite - it's already been agreed that future instalments will be brought to Nintendo consoles.

As PlayStation LifeStyle reports, in a recent interview with Xbox On, Spencer said: “We want to increase the places where people can play Call of Duty, I think a little bit like Minecraft. […] With Call of Duty, I think we’ve made some specific agreements with Nintendo, and with Nvidia to ensure the game can show up in front of more places, and you obviously don’t make the game bigger by taking it away from anybody.”

He continued: “When we say available everywhere or not exclusive, we want to make absolutely the best version of Call of Duty for any player on any of those platforms.”

This includes exclusive content and DLC, which as we all know, Call of Duty players on PlayStation have been enjoying for some time now. Last year, for example, PlayStation users got access to Modern Warfare II’s beta earlier than everyone else.

Although this exclusivity is set to end, it sounds like it can only be a positive thing overall - it simply means that more people can enjoy everything a game has to offer. Nice one, Phil.

Featured Image Credit: Totte Annerbrink via Unsplash, Microsoft

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