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New PlayStation Plus freebie slammed as 'one of the worst games ever made'

New PlayStation Plus freebie slammed as 'one of the worst games ever made'

Uh oh

A surprise bonus free game for select PlayStation Plus users has been slammed as "one of the worst games ever made" by some subscribers.

Towards the end of September, it was announced that the PlayStation Plus Essential tier would be getting Hot Wheels Unleashed, Injustice 2, and Superhot for October. That's a pretty great lineup, and one subscribers have been largely pleased with.

"It's honestly the most fun I had with a racing game in a while," one user wrote of Hot Wheels Unleashed. "I really enjoyed the single player mode."

There was plenty of love shared for Superhot and Injustice 2 too, both games you should absolutely check out if you haven't had a chance before.

However, it's not uncommon for PlayStation Plus to drop the occasional bonus freebie in certain territories. Sure enough, subscribers in Spain can now download and claim a PlayStation 4 title called No Way Down. The catch? It's absolutely rubbish, apparently.

For those that might not know (I certainly didn't before I started writing this), Way Down is a very bad video game adaptation of a decidedly average 2021 movie of the same name. The game has a grand total of two reviews on Metacritic, with both agreeing the game is an incredibly poor effort at cashing in on the movie. Not that the movie itself did massive numbers, from what I can see.

Sometimes PlayStation Plus subscribers in the UK and the US really do get the poopy end of the stick when it comes to bonus PlayStation Plus games. I can say with some confidence that in the case of Way Down, this is not one of those times. We've dodged a bullet. A tiny, thoroughly underwhelming bullet.

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