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PlayStation Plus accidental free game is one of the best RPGs of all-time

PlayStation Plus accidental free game is one of the best RPGs of all-time

PlayStation has accidentally made one of the best games ever made free for PS Plus subscribers

One of the very best RPGs ever made is currently free to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers, although it appears this may have been accident and is almost certainly only going to be around for a little bit longer.

In what can only be described as a wonderful mistake for us and a silly booboo for the good people at PlayStation, one of the highest-rated PS4 exclusives ever made can, at the time of writing, be claimed by PlayStation Plus subscribers for the low price of nothing at all.

As I'm sure you're all-too painfully aware, PlayStation Plus subscribers are set to lose access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, a smattering of free games that PS5 owners with a subscription could download and play at any times. The games on offer included heavy hitters like God Of War, Days Gone, and Arkham Knight.

One of the games that was originally part of this collection? The celebrated RPG Persona 5. While it was removed from the service last year, it seems to have snuck back in for one last goodbye, giving subscribers a final chance to get it for free.

It's unclear whether this was intentional or a bug, but given that its availability seems to be fairly inconsistent we'd assume it's the latter situation. Some PS5 users are saying the game is completely unavailable, while others have reported being able to claim it with no issues. Check it out and try your luck, would be my advice.

If you've never played Persona 5, you really are missing out on a once-in-a-generation video game. Released back in 2017 (a golden year for gaming if ever there was one), Persona 5 is a beautifully written, endlessly engaging, shockingly deep experience. My only guidance would be to make sure you have a relatively clear backlog, as getting through this one can take hundreds of hours of your time. Not bad for the low price of nothing at all, right?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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