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PlayStation Plus dropping a ton of iconic FPS games for free

PlayStation Plus dropping a ton of iconic FPS games for free

PlayStation Plus just added a bunch of iconic first-person shooters to the subscription service.

If you’re on the lookout for something new to entertain you, and you just so happen to be a PlayStation owner with a PS Plus subscription, I have just the recommendation as the subscription service has recently gained one of the best FPS of all-time.

Allow me to bring you up to speed on this month’s PlayStation Plus offerings. All subscribers can now grab Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Tails of Iron, and day one release Meet Your Maker. If you do opt to download Sackboy: A Big Adventure, there’s a ton of extra free DLC you can download from the PlayStation Store. Extra and premium subscribers were treated to 16 extra titles this month. If you ask me, the best of those is Kena: Bridge of Spirits which I urge you to play. Today though, we’re here to talk about one of the premium tier’s offerings. You should really check out DOOM.

PS5 exclusive Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores launches in two days time. Take a look at the new launch trailer below.

As reported by ComicBook, DOOM is a part of this month’s premium tier line-up - and it’s an iconic game that you really should sample. Originally released in 1993, DOOM is considered to be one of the greatest and most important games ever created. Ported to PlayStation in 1995, DOOM sees players take on the role of a space marine, known as Doomguy, who must face his way through hordes of invading demons.

If you have sampled DOOM and are looking for an extra hit of the franchise, DOOM II, DOOM 64, DOOM 3, and DOOM Eternal also made their way to PS Plus this month. The latter of those titles is available on the extra tier.

On the lookout for something wholesome? Someone modded Stray’s cat into DOOM. Another player managed to get the game running on a tractor. I’m really not kidding.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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