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'DOOM' Mod Replaces Doomguy With The Cat From 'Stray'

'DOOM' Mod Replaces Doomguy With The Cat From 'Stray'

The Stray cat already has another adventure, this time on Mars! Well, it's only a Doom mod, but it's still pretty cool.

Since its release on PC, Stray has already seen its fair share of mods. Our feline protagonist has changed color, been replaced with Garfield, and, terrifyingly, CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It's a nice turn of events, then, to see the cat itself appearing in a different game entirely. A modder, known as edypagaza1 on Twitter, has created a mod of classic shooter DOOM - this time with our furry friend blasting away the demons.

edypagaza1 is responsible for the well received Doom Shinobi mod, which turned DOOM into a 3rd person hack and slash game reminiscent of the Ninja Gaiden franchise. This new mod, scheduled for release on July 27th, continues their 3rd person DOOM tradition - albeit a bit cuter.

Check out some gameplay from the massively popular Stray below!

A video of the mod was uploaded to YouTube on July 24th, demonstrating the gameplay. The cat seems perfectly capable of tearing through the demonic hordes, with the help of B-12, the drone from Stray. B-12 hovers above, blasting away, while the cat runs, leaps, and, on occasion, grooms itself and takes a rest among the hellish corpses. Badass.

Even though it's third-person, it seems to play very much like a first-person shooter. Unlike Shinobi, then, the gameplay will be almost the same as the original Doom - but this doesn't detract from the fact that we can play through the game as an adorable little kitten.

The artwork for the mod is a hilarious image of the Stray cat in Doomguy's mask. We only hope that this isn't the first time B-12 and the cat will stray into other titles. If CJ can run around as a cat, there's no reason we can't terrorize the pedestrians of Los Santos on all fours as the adorable Stray protagonist. We'll just leave that there for any potential GTA V modders reading.

Featured Image Credit: edy pagaza

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