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PlayStation free store credit system praised by users

PlayStation free store credit system praised by users

PlayStation free store credit system praised by users

Despite the PlayStation Plus service finding itself in hot water lately due to its uninspiring catalogue of free titles, Sony is pulling out all the stops by working hard on its PlayStation Stars loyalty programme.

Being a PlayStation Plus member in 2023 hasn’t been the best of experiences, to say the least. With members complaining over the lackluster collection of games each month and not even the promise of cloud streaming cheering them up, Sony has turned to PlayStation Stars. By being a member of the loyalty programme and hoarding points, you will be able to exchange them for free store credit.

Check out the PowerWash Simulator VR announcement trailer below!

And what does free store credit equal? Free games!

With December’s collection of PS Plus titles including some bangers such as PowerWash Simulator, LEGO 2K Drive and Sable, PS Stars members could download and play these titles as a way of bagging themselves 50 points. It is just one of many ways to save up points as the majority of PlayStation players will accumulate points without even realising.

For one Reddit user on r/playstation, they have recently managed to earn themselves an impressive £20 just by being a subscriber. By saving up 5,000 points, they exchanged that for £20 that went straight into their PlayStation wallet and can now, of course, be used to go towards a title of their choice.

The user claims it was “mostly done from monthly subscriptions, but Baldur’s Gate 3 tipped it over the edge” referring to challenges you can complete in-game as an extra way to accumulate points. Additionally, you will gain back points from making overall purchases in the store. It really is #girlmaths that you get money back by spending money but we will take what we can get when it comes to Sony.

If you wish to sign up for PlayStation stars, you can do so here.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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