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PlayStation Exclusives Are Better Off Being On PC And The Sales Prove It

PlayStation Exclusives Are Better Off Being On PC And The Sales Prove It

PlayStation are investing in more PC ports, and it's clearly paying off.

PlayStation has an enviable roster of exclusives, so it’s natural that those without a PlayStation are going to want in on the action. In the past couple of years, that’s a fact that Sony has picked up on, as we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of PlayStation PC ports available on Steam. Marvel’s Spider-Man was the latest exclusive to swing its way onto the platform, and PC owners have The Last of Us Part I to look forward to. Unsurprisingly, it’s proved to be a savvy business move for PlayStation.

The Last of Us Part I is set to land on PC “very soon.” Take a look at the PlayStation launch trailer below.

As pointed out by Axios journalist Stephen Totilo, the sales of PlayStation games have massively benefitted from PC ports. In August, Marvel’s Spider-Man rose to third place on the non-mobile platform sales charts, having ranked at 84th the month prior. It’s a similar case with all PC ports.

Totilo shared another chart showing US game sales for titles prior to and post the release of a PC port. Horizon Zero Dawn ranked at 12th after the release of its port, sitting at 89th the month before. Days Gone perhaps saw the biggest jump. The game ranked at 247th before the PC port sent it to the 20th in the sales charts.

It doesn’t take an expert to work out why this makes sense. On the whole, PlayStation doesn’t tend to port its exclusives until they’ve been exclusive for quite some time, so clearly these kinds of titles are going to be slipping down the sales charts by the time the port comes around. Still, it’s impressive to see.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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