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PlayStation 5 update teases very controversial new feature

PlayStation 5 update teases very controversial new feature

PlayStation 5 may be getting an update with an incredibly controversial new feature

It is no secret that the ever-growing use of AI is a controversial subject but with games becoming more difficult to master, one new controversial feature might just get the seal of approval.

In the age of Elden Ring, Ghost of Tsushima, Sekiro and more, each year we welcome a new game designed to test both the limits of our skill and our patience. We have all experienced what it is like to be stuck on that one boss but now one AI-created feature could be set to save the day.

PlayStation's Auto-Play feature could help with those pesky Elden Ring bosses. Check them out below!

Courtesy of Sony, PlayStation will reportedly welcome a brand-new ‘auto-play’ feature designed to allow players to completely skip certain parts of a game by handing the reins over to an AI system.

The patent is yet another possible one from Sony that may or may not see the light of day. However, with AI being such a controversial topic in recent years, it will not be unexpected to see a lot of uproar over the possible feature.

If the feature does come to fruition, the AI-powered system would allow players to bypass certain sections of a game. This will be achieved due to the AI being able to learn and mimic the user’s playstyle. As a result of the AI being able to emulate playstyles, this will mean not everybody’s auto-play functions would work the same way.

Additionally, the AI system will also be able to help with more ‘grindy’ content by playing the game for players to save a bit of time.

Despite the controversy, this is not the first time Sony has considered adding an AI system to its consoles. In 2019, the company considered adding an AI-powered voice assistant codenamed PlayStation Assist which would assist in games by marking important items on the map.

Despite many reported AI-related patents, Sony is yet to have any of them see the light of day. However, the auto-play feature may just be the first of many.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware/Sony

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