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PlayStation 5's new system update adds feature it's been promising for over a year

PlayStation 5's new system update adds feature it's been promising for over a year

PlayStation's Discord integration is finally available to select users - beta participants can join voice calls on their PS5 consoles.

It’s an exciting time to own a PS5. A whole host of new features are now available on the console - although only for a select few.

We’ve been waiting for PlayStation’s Discord integration for literally years now, but the wait is finally over. Sort of. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation announced that select PS5 users are being invited to test a bunch of enhancements, and you could be one of them.

Select users will now be able to join voice chats on their consoles - all you have to do is link your Discord account to your PSN account, and then set the call going on your phone or PC. Additionally, your Discord friends will be able to see what you’re playing. It's been such a long time coming, but it's amazing to see this finally being rolled out.

Participants will also be able to manually upload game captures to the PlayStation App, which I’ve got to say I’m incredibly envious about. No more relying on auto-upload and worrying about things being automatically deleted from the app! Additionally, Variable Refresh Rate support has now been added for 1440p resolution HDMI 2.1 displays (for games that support VRR, that is).

Other beta features include PS4 to PS5 saved data migration (allowing you to access your pre-existing PS4 saves from the cloud when you install a game on your PS5), and PS5 to PS5 data transfer (which allows users to, you guessed it, transfer data over to a different console, without removing it from the original one).

Be sure to check your emails to see if you’ve been invited to test these features - some users from Japan, Germany, Canada, France, the UK and U.S. have been selected. PlayStation has confirmed that not all of these features will necessarily make the final cut, but hopefully everyone can expect some cool stuff to be added soon.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Discord

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