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Players Ditch "Awful" 'Warzone' After Experiencing 'Modern Warfare 2' Beta

Players Ditch "Awful" 'Warzone' After Experiencing 'Modern Warfare 2' Beta

After experiencing the brand new Modern Warfare II beta, players are finding that Warzone feels "awful" and "rusted" in comparison.

PlayStation owners have had their first taste of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, following last weekend’s beta period. If you missed out on the fun, don’t worry. There’s another beta weekend coming up in just a few days time, which culminates in a period that is open to anyone and everyone. Already, fans are raving about the new third-person field of view option. In fact, some players are so impressed by MWII that they’re unable to return to Warzone.

Check out MWII’s third-person view in action below.

As reported by Charlie INTEL, one Reddit user has taken to the site to share just how “rusted” the MWII beta makes Warzone look. Physical-Result7378 wrote: “Have just played Warzone (on PS5) after playing the MW2 beta for two days now… Boy does that thing feel rusted. Will be a long wait till Warzone 2, cause I can’t go back now that I have seen the light.” The user certainly wasn’t alone in their thoughts.

Others responded sharing the same opinion. WishesWasWizard said: “Same. I tried playing Caldera the other day and just didn’t care anymore. Playing some great single player games for the moment before Warzone 2 takes over my life,” whilst likesiamesefish added: “I always feel this way after coming back from Cold War and Vanguard MP and getting to play on the increased FOV, going back to 80 in Warzone just feels awful at first.”

The good news is, fans won’t have to wait long for Warzone 2.0. The free-to-play title is set to release on 16 November and of course, MWII lands before then on 28 October. What a jolly ol’ bountiful time for CoD fans.

Featured Image Credit: Activision, NeverRealm Studios

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