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Xbox's latest system error is already causing serious concern among players

Xbox's latest system error is already causing serious concern among players

This Xbox system error is causing a lot of frustration for players.

Whether we play games on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox, we all have our preferred accessories to immerse ourselves in our favourite video games. But what if some of those accessories suddenly stopped working? Well, that’s what is apparently happening to some Xbox players right now.

As reported by Windows Central, from 12 November 2023, many third-party accessories will stop working on Xbox consoles, in particular those that are unofficial but had previously been compatible.

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Xbox players are reporting “error 0x82d60002” which pops up when plugging in/connecting third-party accessories now considered to be unauthorised. Players are then directed to to see the full compatibility list.

The full error message on Xbox consoles reads: “A connected accessory is not authorised. Using unauthorised accessories compromises your gaming experience. For this reason, the unauthorised accessory will be blocked from use on 12/11/2023.

For help returning it, check with the store it came from or contact the manufacturer. To see authorised accessories, go to (0x82d60002).”

Hopefully, this issue will be resolved as soon as possible, because there will be a lot of frustrated gamers out there unable to use some quite pricey Xbox accessories, which will likely include steering wheels to be used on popular racing games such as Forza Motorsport as well as a variety of more traditional third-party controllers.

So why is this unfortunate error happening to some players? According to sources of Windows Central, those close to the know at Microsoft say that the error is related to an expanding program that requires new layers of approval for third-party accessories. Windows Central has reached out to Microsoft directly, however, at the time of writing, there hasn't been an official response from the green brand as of yet.

We’ll update you should we hear of any further developments on this story.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Warner Bros.

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