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Xbox Series X gets biggest discount ever, days before Starfield launches

Xbox Series X gets biggest discount ever, days before Starfield launches

Starfield is only days away, so if you've been thinking about getting an Xbox X now might be the time.. Hint hint, there's a discount.

Now is the time to purchase a console; the Xbox Series X has just received its biggest discount ever, only a matter of days before Starfield launches.

It’s not like gamers ever need much of an excuse to indulge in one of their favourite pastimes, but when they’re able to save a considerable wad of cash while doing so, it’s always a massive bonus. Especially when a new console purchase is necessary when it comes to exclusive releases that allow you to explore space in a sci-fi RPG for the ages.

See what you get with Starfield's Constellation Edition!

Given the fact that the Xbox S causes all sorts of troubles for devs – as Larian Studios found out all too well when trying to make Baldur’s Gate 3 happen on Xbox – it’s safe to say that Xbox X is the better choice. No shade to anyone who has an S, just it has some obvious drawbacks. Consequently, if it’s an Xbox X you’ve been holding out for, Dell currently has them on sale for $474.99, meaning you get 5 percent off. This might not sound like a lot, but when a $75 Dell Promo gift card is included, it makes the deal all the sweeter.

Anyone who’s in the UK and interested in this deal, I’m sorry to say that this is a US store deal only, though the US store does deliver to the UK. However, after custom charges, etc it might not be worth your time to press play on this offer. There are other outlets though, like Argos, that have the Xbox X listed at £489.99 that include either Diablo IV or Forza Horizon 5. So, you can get a discounted price, just some deals are better than others.

The question of whether this is the console for you is one we simply can’t answer. If you’re someone who typically plays on PC, unless you’re overly concerned about Starfield’s PC performance leaks, you should be okay to play the game when it launches. And if you’re a diehard PlayStation fan who simply can’t think of anything worse than owning an Xbox, then you’ll just have to go without. Personally, we don’t get console wars here – we just love games – but since Starfield is launching close to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, more dumb console war insults have started to emerge.

We’ve given you the information, it’s now up to you to determine whether now is the time to get a discounted Xbox X, or whether you hang fire. Of course, waiting likely means you’ll miss out on a deal that might not be replicated again, but that’s the sacrifice you make when you carefully consider decisions. How responsible of you.

Starfield enters Early Access on 1 September, and will launch on PC and Xbox on 6 September.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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