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Starfield and Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fans ignite another dumb console war

Starfield and Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fans ignite another dumb console war

Oh snap, here we go again! Yet another console war has broken out

Why must the good things we receive be tarnished by this incessant need to declare one console better than another? Seriously, it’s getting old. Yet, with Starfield and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launching soon, diehard fans are reigniting the console war with renewed effort. And while we really don’t care, mainly because this is simply an awesome year for gamers period, we’re enjoying watching these fans go hard in the most ridiculous ways.

In a weird shift that feels like we’ve entered a parallel universe, it isn’t Reddit fanning the flames but Twitter. Arguably, Twitter has always been a cesspool in terms of conflicting ideas and shouting your argument the loudest, but it’s fair to say it’s got worse recently (wonder why). It’s gotten so bad that one Redditor described Twitter as "a huge cancer”. Damn, they didn’t come to play. We’re not here to argue the merits of Twitter, however much they keep dwindling, but rather to admire Reddit for being the rational option for once.

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“I naturally have Xbox and Starfield in my mentions on Twitter as an Xbox gamer, and man, this week especially showed me how deranged this console war stuff really is. There's dudes that are literally dedicating every day to trashing Xbox and Starfield,” said the OP. They then added, “Like it's got to a point where I might have to block the keywords or trends altogether. Some of these dudes need legit professional help. I've never seen this before.”

We’ve seen it get this bad before, but it’s fair to say it had quietened down recently. Sadly, those pockets of silence have well and truly gone. The biggest gripe between the consoles, at least for the fans who are looking for an excuse to cause trouble, is that Starfield will run at 30fps while Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will run at 60fps. But when it isn’t about specs, it’s about the aesthetics of the consoles, which, honestly, need to stop considering it’s been almost three years since both of them launched. Who cares which looks better, really? Granted, some of the memes we've seen are funny rather than trying to be cutting, but it’s hardly a laugh-a-minute with these zealous fanboys and girls.

You can watch fans lose it over their beloved consoles in all their splendour across social media, which is the only positive-ish reason to give this dumb console war the time of day. Regardless of which side you choose, if any, it’s fair to say we’re all excited about the release of two incredible games.

Starfield will launch on 6 September and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will launch on 20 October.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks and Sony Interactive Entertainment

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