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Xbox update dropped by Microsoft, including several highly-requested features

Xbox update dropped by Microsoft, including several highly-requested features

Xbox users are about to get a much better experience

Microsoft has been busy, with the latest Xbox update looking filled to the brim with highly requested features that are sure to please its players.

A lot of these quality-of-life features will vastly improve the experience of PC players in particular. This isn’t to say that console players won’t also experience some benefits, but rather that the features are far more noticeable for those on computers.

Don't forget to check out the Grounded trailer, available now on Xbox.

All Windows devices will be able to install this update, with even handhelds like the Asus ROG Ally said to be compatible – fantastic news for those of you who like gaming on the go without any hurdles in your way.

Out of all the tweaks across the service, it’s Xbox’s new Compact Mode that is going to make the world of difference, with Microsoft detailing that it’s “a new feature that enhances your gaming experience by providing a more intuitive user interface on smaller screens.” As someone who struggles and squints when looking at smaller screens, I for one welcome a more accessible interface.

When you activate Compact Mode, the sidebar you usually see will be broken down into icons, thus giving you much more space on your screen; it’s a small change that makes a big difference.

Another small but mighty change comes in the form of notifications, with the Xbox PC app now showing only unread notifications rather than all of them. Honestly, that feels like a feature that should have been on offer before now. Lastly, the final requested feature is the Gaming Services Repair Tool, a way for Xbox app users to fix issues in the service and/or rectify missing content.

Console players also have some features worth mentioning, with Microsoft having finally added Japanese language support for both its physical and virtual keyboards. Again, this feels like a feature long overdue. In addition to this, console gamers can also use their mobile to authenticate and redeem codes.

Just think, if Xbox manages to move forward with its hopes to have Game Pass on PlayStation and Switch, it would be unstoppable.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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