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Xbox free store credit opportunities announced by Microsoft

Xbox free store credit opportunities announced by Microsoft

For the love of points

If you’ve been holding out for a cornucopia of Microsoft credit opportunities, your patience is about to be rewarded.

That’s right, dear Xbox users, you can gain a substantial amount of free store credit right now.

As shared on the Microsoft Rewards subreddit, “Lots of #MicrosoftRewards news today! We heard you love the daily streak bonuses, so we've expanded this opportunity to be in 230+ regions and countries.”

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Upon clicking the link provided, you’ll be taken to the tweet announcing this, in which you’ll see a means of restoring your streak if it’s previously been broken.

“Streak Restore: eligible users who accidentally miss a day can restore their streak once every 60 days,” tweeted Microsoft Bing Dev. “If you have more than a 100-day streak, you can restore it once a month.”

The main takeaway is that you won’t be penalised for missing a day; those points you’d have potentially lost can now be returned.

Specifics on how you protect your streak is discussed in the Twitter thread. However, the simplified explanation is to toggle on ‘Streak Protection’.

“This is wonderful news,” posted Redditor butteronapoptart8. “[I] wish I had known this when I lost my streak last week! (Only 18 days long though, so no big deal).”

However, some gamers are urging fellow Bing users to proceed with caution, “Just be aware that turning Streak Protection on or off will reset your daily check in bonus, back to the first 5 point day on the Bing app.”

“I'm afraid to turn it on. My streak is 1377, and I read how some people lost their streaks when they turned it on. So I'm going to have to pass unless they know for sure there's no bugs,” admitted another.

Obviously, you should take advantage of these points, but just make sure to be careful if you’ve nursed a particularly large streak.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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