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Xbox stealth drops massive RPG you can download and play free

Xbox stealth drops massive RPG you can download and play free

A huge RPG has just appeared out of nowhere

Waking up and finding a new game has shadow-dropped is like a mini Christmas. Overnight Xbox served up a gift of a huge RPG that you must play.

From out of nowhere this Square Enix RPG that has been out for some time on other platforms has not only come to Xbox but it’s on Xbox Game Pass, meaning you can download and play it for free as a subscriber.

Octopath Traveler 2 is a delightful RPG that has now come to Xbox consoles

The game in question, Octopath Traveler II, has already seen a release for Nintendo Switch and PC and the game has since been rumoured to reach Xbox.

In a very stealthy move, Microsoft have dropped it onto the console with no prior chat about its arrival giving RPG fans something new to enjoy and explore.

The acclaimed RPG from Square Enix sees players take on eight stories and individual characters at once in a 2D-3D world that utilises gorgeous pixel-based artwork and a stellar retro soundtrack.

As we said in our review, “Octopath Traveler II is overflowing with heart and soul, and is an absolute joy to experience.”

I’ve been dipping into the game on Nintendo Switch over the past few months and it’s a really unique and special experience, especially if you’re a fan of old-school franchises like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Golden Sun.

We seem to be in a new golden age of RPGs currently and Xbox bringing this modern classic to the console will only expand the audience further, and hopefully the franchise itself. More players is never a bad thing.

So, if you’ve envied other platforms for this RPG, now you have a chance to experience it for yourself and with the Xbox Game Pass subscription you can grab it today and be playing it this weekend without forking out full price.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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