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Xbox Series X owners horrified to learn they've been storing their console 'wrong'

Xbox Series X owners horrified to learn they've been storing their console 'wrong'

Vertical or horizontal?

If there is one thing that gamers love more than actually gaming, it’s arguing and that definitely seems to be the case regarding which way the Xbox Series X should actually be stored.

Released back in November of 2020, we are fast approaching the 4th anniversary of the Xbox Series X and its sister console, the Xbox Series S.

Check out the Xbox Series S below!

Although the Xbox Series S outsold the Series X by 74.8% in 2023, the Series X is by far the most powerful of the two and a whole lot bigger.

Measuring 12 inches tall with a six by six base, the Xbox Series X is a hefty console and finding somewhere to store it has always been the number one problem for users.

The issue has led to the number one question: vertical or horizontal?

The official Xbox support page states that the Xbox Series X “can be placed either horizontally or vertically” as long as it is well ventilated, kept cool and is not obstructed in any way.

However, users have recently taken to r/xboxone to share their thoughts and it seems we are far away from a general agreement.

In a post titled, “Xbox Series X: Vertical or horizontal?”, one reply read, “I have mine horizontal. Just paranoid of it tipping over even though it's pretty hefty.”

However, storing it vertically seems to be the most popular choice.

“Vertical, because laying it down will trap more dust and sit inside the casing,” said another user. “When you are done gaming, just place a piece of flat cardboard paper on top so the dust won't build too much around the fan. Just make sure it is on a flat surface.”

Another agreed, saying: “Either or. Although in my opinion it looks best vertically.”

It seems the jury is out but with both directions working just fine, it seemingly comes down to a matter of space and aesthetics.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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