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Xbox Series X has a super secret feature you definitely missed

Xbox Series X has a super secret feature you definitely missed

What a life changer...

Xbox Series X users have found a secret setting that you probably didn’t notice before.

The Xbox Series X has a surprising amount of secrets hidden within its hardware, many of which you’d likely miss since Xbox itself rarely mentions them.

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However there’s a hidden feature in the console settings that you’ll probably want to know about, especially when calibrating the new-gen console with your TV set-up.

Depending on what TV you’ve got, you can calibrate it to best match whatever capabilities your screen can handle, like 4K, 120hz, etc. Your console will do all of this automatically but as some users are just discovering, you can tweak it yourself if you input the right button commands.

In a Reddit thread where someone asked what hidden settings they should be aware of with their new console, someone said you can “press the shoulder and trigger buttons all at once on the game screen calibration screens to get a secret professional calibration guide”.

They went on to add that “the correct settings according to ISF screen calibrators are zero for the first numbers and 1000 for the second pair.”

I’ve owned my Xbox Series X since launch and I didn't even know you could do that, so I’d wager it’s new information to a lot of people as well.

There are loads of other secrets that you might not have known about either, like a setting that mutes your TV automatically when a headset is connected, and a night light mode for those late night gaming sessions.

So have a root around your console’s settings and see what you can find, you never know what surprises are hidden away in the settings menus.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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